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Thank you for putting together a great show! I appreciate all that you did. I mostly appreciate your genuine passion for the arts.  Sparkle on and shine bright!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of your show.  What a great group of artists and a wonderful friendly vibe this weekend   
                                                                     Channing Wilson


The quality of this show is top-notch! The artists are hand-picked by Shireen . Shireen has a lot of passion for the show and the artists.
                                                                    Mays Mahhew

carol estes.jpg


Shireen!! We're so happy to know someone so dedicated and supportive of the arts and bringing arts to everyone.                  Thanks for everything you do.                                                  Don Widmer and Steve




Wow! What a show!! Thank you, South Bend, for all the love. Will see you next year!                

                                                                    Sam  DeCarlo


What can I say?  My first time at the show and it was a wonderful experience. Shireen you're the hardest working organizer I have ever met! 

                                                        Here's to next year!

                                                              Brenda Schori

Best run show we've ever done.'re a Dynamo! Looking forward to next year!                                       

                                                            Brian Newton


What the patrons had to say about the show?


I think this is simply the best gathering of fine arts I have ever had the honor of attending.

Shireen, Much love and respect to you and your service to our community!

                                                                                                     Mike DeHays - Imphormal

So classy!! I love the variety and mediums of art. Would go again.

                                                                                                  Paige Barnes WSBT 22

I always love the quality of art at this show! The artists so varied and talented. Thank you for continuing this wonderful show. 


Beautiful layout. Superb artists. Clever, unique and I'm so glad I didn't miss it. 

                                                                                                   Susan Smith

Special thanks to all the artists who made our show a success

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