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2021  Honorary Artist

John Lenting, also known as “Brabant" was born in s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.  He has shown professionally since 1976.  He has been included in numerous private and corporate collections and has been represented by numerous galleries in Chicago, Indiana, Michigan and 13 years with A.I.R. Gallery in New York. Today, he is self-represented because Brabant's passion is authentic and no one understands his art more than him.

Brabant's art is described as “Mixed Media”/ Oil Acrylic utilizes various types of printmaking papers, canvas, and other papers, using several types of paint acrylic, industrial finishes, oil etc.  Working in a subtractive method, making random/ gestural marks with paint, litho crayon, pastels etc., then eliminating the previous images/ marks leaving a ghost image.  This is repeated over and over until reaching the desired effect.  he does not work from preliminary sketches or pre-conceived ideas, it is mostly impulse; areas of interest are then developed to bring out the Composition/ Image.

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Natalie Klein is originally from the Chicago and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a B.F.A. in painting. While an undergraduate she studied Art History at the University of Florence.  

In 1967 Natalie and her husband Paul moved to South Bend, Indiana. Where she studied painting at the University of Notre Dame with Don Vogl, John Mooney and Doug KInsey. While teaching Art in the South Bend Public Schools she earned her MS from IUSB. Natalie's work has been exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute Sales and Rental Gallery. The Chicago Botanic Gardens, Elmhurst College, the Midwest Museum of Art, The Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley, and South Bend Museum of Art.

Damen Mroczek designs and crafts silver jewelry through the age old process of 'lost wax casting', which he learned under the tutelage of his father, who has been designing jewelry for over 35 years. Each design is first hand-carved from wax and then cast into sterling silver. He uses only the best, AAA quality, gem stones and inlays to compliment his designs. Gathering inspiration from trees to leaves and wind to waves, the natural beauty of the World is Damen's source for creative expression. He is proud to carry on a 'family tradition' and hopes you will enjoy his work.


Don Widmer is a book and paper artist who uses hand paper making, relief printing, and bookbinding (separately or in combination) to create unique works of art. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago’s Interdisciplinary Arts program, Don launched his paper arts business, Lion of Bali, which exhibits at numerous arts and craft fairs throughout the Midwest. Much of his work is inspired by travel and his background in ethnomusicology. Don primarily uses a technique called pulp painting to create his handmade paper artworks, particularly his images of urban architecture.      


George Ceffalio is an Award Winning Artist whose works have been displayed in several local, regional, and national exhibitions. He has received numerous awards including several Best of Show. George is best known for his rich vibrant colors and creative depiction of subject. Design is foremost and each painting is unique. 

He has pursued an art education with Palette and Chisel Academy of Art and by participating in many workshops taught by nationally and internationally renowned artists throughout the United States.


Kent Epler is a fourth generation Montanan with a degree in fine art and design. Including interior design and children's theater. Kent's background in scene and theater inspires him to create unique characters from discarded materials, he then creates character by adding accessories, hair and make-up to give each character a voice of it's own.

Kent has won numerous awards and featured in many art magazines.


  Check out his feature story in Sunshine Artist by clicking on his picture.


  A graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Paul has worked in many mediums including oils, watercolors and graphite. Paul enjoys painting in encaustic because of it's vibrant luminosity and depth of color that cannot be achieved with any other medium. 

   Paul is one of only a few painters in the country using encaustic in contemporary form, creating one of a kind original sculptural' paintings.

    Paul's paintings represent personal experiences that he hopes brings a feeling of serenity and awareness of the animals and fragile environment that surrounds all of us.


Rebecca was born in Boulder, Colorado, and educated at Allegheny College (1968-1970) and Miami University (1970-1972, B.F.A.). She studied pewtersmithing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada (1972).

During her first twenty years, Rebecca focused on traditional themes, but in 1995 she began producing items with contemporary lines.

Rebecca's contemporary work has been well received, giving her entry to international competitions and displays and top national shows.

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Pat Dillon is from Goshen , Indiana he learned the basic of wood turning in his high school wood shop. Pat’s wood turning started as a hobby when he purchased his first lathe 19 years ago.  After trial and error Pat mastered the process and started designing his own one-of-a- kind wood turned and segmented bowls.

Pat’s bowls captured the attention of the public when he entered his first art show 11 years ago. Since then he has participated in over 60 shows and has won many awards. 


2020 Artists


 Natalie Klein - Large format abstract paintings

Carmen Zajicek-  3-D mixed media (metal & clay sculptures)

Paul Fletcher -Beeswax paintings & bronze sculptures

Marcus Bautista- Hand-woven rugs, tapestries and bags

Mark Waninger- Solid & segmented wood turnings and sculptures

Woody Jacobs- Fine photography

Melvina Stemley - Hand-made eloquent hats and clutches 

Don Widmer- Handmade

paper and book bindings

George Ceffalio- Classic realism/ oil/ Old Master's style

Mark Anderson- 3-D mixed media sculptures

Ed Bratton- Hand twisted copper and aluminum sculptures

Fred & Rhonda Inman- Lathe turned vases

Joel Fremion - Sewn fabric collage paintings of landscapes & botanicals.

Carol Estes - Serial expression photography

Chuck Wimmer- Whimsical & comical hand drawings 

Rebecca Hungerford- Contemporary pewter sculptures 

Damen Mroczek- Silver jewelry with precious stones

Kent Epler - Whimsical fiber sculptures with character

Scott  Sternberg - Fine photography of nature 

Peggy Schuning - Mosaic wall sculptures

Jessie Fritsch - Encaustic paintings of nature 

Pat Dillon - Segmented wood bowls & rolling pins

Justin Miller - Whimisical acrylic paintings 

Ann Klem - Glass sculptures

Joan Tweedell - Block prints of birds, trees, and sea life

Lee Ellis - Hardwood bowls, vases & platters

Sue Rosengard - Contemporary, hand forged jewelry in silver and gold.

Diane reader Dorn - Contemporary acrylic paintings & porcelain vessels

Alli Farkas - Oil on canvas, semi-abstract water lily interpretations

Mary Szymczak - Dementional stained glass 

Sandro Akhvlediani - Still life, cityscape, floral, and musical abstract compositions

Sandra Chu - Mix media abstract paintings with texture and depth (Large Scale)

Gracelynn Tamrak - One - of- a - kind hand sculptured clay flowers (Very realistic)

Amy Butts - One - of - a kind nostalgic jewelry made from chandelier crystals and vintage finds.

Peter Ruyuwa - Hand craved stone serpentine sculptures influenced by African culture.

Bruce Bishop - Ceramic vessels & sculptures with tribal markings.


Andy Carter - One - of - the kind salvaged wood wall hangings.


Paul Hart - Folk Art- Sculptures made from reclaimed objects.

Patricia Heller - Leather and hand- woven handbags & woven rugs.

Buddy Shaw -Functional wood  furniture and wall art.

Alex Hall - Whimsical paintings of animals.

Marcy Mitchell - Bold, vibrant landscape paintings. 

Whiskertin Lighting - Hand-made Industrial lighting with a twist.

Mark Herch - Altered historical photography of famouse  cities and places in America.

Dana Rohde - Hand made felted wool hats

Cindy Bella Cummings - Hand sewed patchwork tunics, dresses & wraps

Patti Paris Owens- Large scale, abstract paintings.​

Martha Winenger - Detailed nature painted on rocks

Lisa Kleppinger - Sterling silver jewelry with gemstones

Joy Lait - Flameworked glasss and wire sculptures and mobiles

Maranda Powers - Jewelry inspired by nature and science


Marcos Bautista is originally from the Central Valley of Oaxaco, Mexico where he started weaving at age 9.

Marcos and his family are masters of traditional Zapotec Weaving and the creative skills associated with their fine art. They are descended from centuries of weavers, who began passing down the art of weaving in Pre-Columbian times. They are inspired by ancient images as well as more modern designs, to imagine, create, and produce fine, natural wool products such as rugs, bags, pillows, and more. 

Marcos and his wife Katherine live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ann Klem joins us from Fisherville, Kentucky. 

Ann's art glass reveals her love of the design and creation process, the taste for technical challenges and the beauty of a well-finished piece. Strongly influenced by geometry, repeatable patterns, and phenomena such as crop circles, she designs her pieces for beautiful yet functional art.

Beginning with large sheet glass, Ann creates custom pieces, incorporating one into another, assembling and fusing them together. She then slices, grinds, sandblasts, or extensively shapes the resulting glass to enhance the visual impact of the piece. 

ed bratton.jpg

Ed Bratton joins us from Rogers, Arkansas.  After 20 years of landscaping and created beautiful garden designs he turned to art.

During one slow season Ed picked up a roll of garden wire and made his first tree. His wife Andrea was impressed that she encouraged him to order more wire to experiment with. Over the next 8 years he gradually made more wire sculptures and landscaped less. This is now Ed's fulltime job, and his experience working with nature made trees a natural subject for him. Throughout the years he developed a unique process and style of his own.

Ed's sculptures can range from a couple inches to over six feet tall and up to 2,000 pieces of wire. 

peter 4_edited.png

 Peter Rujuwa joins us from Indianapolis. Stone sculpture has been Peter’s passion since the age of six when he and his friends created toys from the soapstone that was abundant in mountains surrounding his village in Zimbabwe, Africa. His improvised chisels were dry sticks split in half and his files were rough stones. Named after Peter’s tribe, “Shona” of Zimbabwe, his hand-carved Shona stone sculptures affirm the co-existence between humans and nature. Inspiration comes from the alchemy of what Peter desires to sculpt and the hidden visual image in the row stone.

In collaboration with Hope Ministry led by Pastors Jean and Jim Huiett in Indianapolis, Peter volunteers his time teaching sculpture classes to enrich and empower impoverished Indianapolis neighbourhoods. For the sculpture classes, Unique Rock Art Studio donates the carving serpentine stone which is from Zimbabwe.


Maranda Power's jewelry tells a story about the world and about the women who wear it. Women who love science, science fiction, and the natural world, who are confident in their style, who value hand made things and seek quality over quantity.

Maranda began metalsmithing in college, where She earned a BA in Art. She worked as a bench jeweler for five years before starting her own business. Now she spend her days creating art that connects with other women who share her enthusiasm for all things science. From scientists and fossil hunters, to Sci-Fi fans, dinosaur lovers, and all the people who dreamed of going to space as kids. She loves meeting people who celebrate her passion for Science. 

Maranda also  is a volunteer at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. She is currently in the invertebrate fossils department, working on photographing and cataloging fossils.


 Jessica Fritsch is part of Central Wisconsin's strong art community. She is a member of Gallery Q: Artists Cooperative, council Chair for the Stevens Point Festival of the Arts, and on the steering committee for the Hidden Studios Art Tour in Central WI.  

Jessica's artist career started with her family always supporting her talents and ambitions. While in her first year in college she stumbled across the book about ancient funeral portraits that were painted with beeswax titled “The Mysterious Fayum Portraits: Faces from Ancient Egypt” by Euphrosyne Doxiadis.  Jessica's fascination by this lost art and began her journey to become an encaustic artist.

In 2003 she transferred to UW-Stevens Point. Encaustic was not taught at UWSP, so she received a research grant in 2004 to teach herself how to paint with beeswax paint and graduated from UWSP with a BFA in Studio Art with a painting emphasis in 2006.  

Click on Jessica's picture to watch a short video published by PBS.

Joel Fremion grew up in his grandparents upholstery/fabric shop and being the son of an interior designer, Joel’s early college education centered around architectural and interior design. As he explored the fine arts, particularly painting, he eventually created his own technique of “fabric collage”. This very tactile artwork is an intricate blend of fabric and leather to create collages that are then further enhanced with painted details. The result is remarkably detailed images that startle the eye and intrigue the mind. Since 1991 I have created 255 pieces and have won numerous awards at The Hoosier Salon, The Indiana Artist Club, and many other art shows.

mark wanniger.jpg

Mark Waninger is an award winning Hoosier Salon artist from southern Indiana. He has always been active in woodworking. He enjoys searching for the possibilities of what can be created from the natural beauty of native Indiana hardwoods, adding the occasional accent of rare exotic species. The combinations are endless when Mark’s skill as a master millwright is partnered with his artistic flair.  His work features unique artistic designs, where each piece is envisioned and individually fabricated, one step at a time, from the rough sawn lumber to the high gloss finish.

Mark is also committed to replenishing native Indiana hardwood trees, to do his part to provide future generations with the opportunity to enjoy the same pleasures these resources have offered to him. He has personally hand-planted nearly 4000 trees to date.


Melvina Stemley is fiber artists at Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights and a juried artist at the Tall Grass Arts Association Gallery and Gift Shop in Park Forest. She is best known for her elaborate handmade hats.

Melvina stretches and manipulates fabric onto wood antique blocks of different shapes and sizes. After the hat is blocked with buckram and fabric, she hand sews wire into the base to stabilize the shape. The hat is decorated with feathers, beads, rhinestones, buttons, or handmade pins of different designs and materials. All hats are hand finished and decorated.

Each hat she sews are made from patterns she creates with fabric copy paper. She uses different textiles such as cotton, denim, silk, fur, leather, and polyester. A sewing machine is used for all stitched hats. The hats are finished and decorated with accents such as embroidery flowers, ribbons, beads, buttons, or great finds from recycled garments found at thrift stores.


Joe Krutulis is known as the Mobile Whisper from Morgan County , Indiana. After  25 years with General Motors and Rolls Royce in Detroit and Indianapolis, He retired in 1999. At that point Joe decided to develop an interest in art, which is attributable to his Dad, who was a talented theater and commercial artist. Joe had done drawings and paintings, but  discovered that he enjoyed working in three-dimensional art.
When he decided to incorporate motion in his sculptures, he began studying and experimenting with kinetic art (mobiles). Because he  always loved the woods, particularly the deciduous woods of Indiana. Joe frequently hauled home branches and logs from his walks and hikes, After much experimentation and creation, he began sculpting in various mediums with much success, including acceptance to the 86th and 87th Annual Hoosier Salon exhibits and various other exhibits and awards.

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